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Lil Johnhas been a staple in Chicago’s music scene since the birth of House music. From roller rinks to high school dances, from college radio to commercial radio, if you’ve lived in Chicago in the last 30 years, you’ve heard his unique mixing style. He began making a name for himself in his South Shore neighborhood, music blaring out of his bedroom windows as he perfected his DJ skills. Neighbors, sometimes strangers, would BANG on his door to get his attention, so they could hire him to play at their functions! One of those “strangers” was DJ/producer Steve Poindexter, who had a group of DJs famous for their big sound systems at all the high school dances. Recognizing John as an asset, they invited him into their group – which eventually became known as Wall-To-Wall Sounds, and the resident DJs at the infamous Mendel High School bi-level dances…

But DJ lil’ John’s first commercial break came at a skating rink he frequented, eventually securing a weekly dance music night on their smaller skate floor. He gained the attention of a local party promoter, who brought him to another roller rink (the Rink Zone) to play on the bigger floor, with hundreds of kids dancing every Friday and Saturday night. It was about this time that a couple of John’s high school classmates invited him to join their newly formed radio show, mixing LIVE on the air. That show was titled “Friday Night Audio”, and was so popular that it virtually rivaled the main commercial station (WBMX) and its DJ squad. That college radio station still reigns supreme today: Kennedy-King College’s WKKC 89.3 FM!

One of the keys to DJ lil’ John’s success was his enormous music collection. He got his music in advance from three different record pools, and shopped weekly at the legendary Importes Etc. and Loop Records. The latter store hired him to work part-time, but he quickly worked his way up to 12 inch buyer, BillBoard reporter, and record pool director!! The north side night club scene soon embraced DJ lil’ John, performing at many a tavern or dance club, and securing a TEN YEAR residence at the legendary Red Dog night club! One club patron in particular (and frequent record store shopper) heard John playing several of his own unreleased tracks at the club, and was offered a chance to jump-start a new record label he was forming. The name of the label: Large Music

Under the name LIL’ JOHN COLEMAN, over fifteen projects were written, produced, and/or remixed by DJ lil’ John, including the timeless classic “I’M LEAVIN’ YOU” by saxophonist & crooner ULYSSES. The remixes were worldwide: The Cover Girl’s “If You Want My Love” (Epic); Kim English’s “Supernatural” (Nervous); Keli Rich’s “Hideaway” (E-Smoove’s Focus label), to name a few. Even his remixed versions of Steve Poindexter’s “Work That MuthaF**ka” and “Computer Madness” still appears on various UK compilations to date…

Entering the new millennium, DJ lil’ John had traveled the world as a DJ/producer/remixer in the House music genre. He’d also played on over a dozen college and commercial radio stations, and just about every nightclub that mattered. But in 2001, John got another big break – this time in the world of Hip-Hop music. He joined WGCI 107.5 FM as a member of their weekend mix show team. Once again, John quickly worked his way up the ladder; becoming the head mix shows director (and only salaried mixer) in two short years. From Aug 2003 to Jan 2009, you could heard DJ lil’ John’s mixes twice a day, 365 days a year, particularly during the 5pm after work hour. After leaving WGCI, he appeared as a guest mixer weekends on POWER 92.3FM.

Although no longer a resident on commercial radio, you can hear his Hip-Hop/R&B mixes on several syndicated radio mix shows through his affiliation with The Core DJs Worldwide and On the House music tip, you can hear DJ LIL’ JOHN live every week, on not one, but TWO internet mix shows: Monday nights 10pm-12am CST on, and every Tuesday night 6pm-8pm CST on You can also read his monthly music reviews inside of 5 Magazine Chicago, and online at


DJ LIL’ JOHN is currently available for national and international bookings for 2014.


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