Joy Monique

model_joy_moniqueJOY MONIQUE

HEIGHT: 5‘2”


WEIGHT:  125



Inspired by Jill Scott, Lauren Hill, Whitney Houston, India Arie and Patti Labelle, Joy Monique is an actress, singer, model, writer and spoken word artist.  She was born Joy Gathings on the west side of Chicago, Illinois. Every since she was a nine year old child, Joy has performed before crowds. Her childhood church, Family Altar E.B. Church gave her a foundation for being before a live audience weekly. As an active member, she was involved in every ministry connected to performing arts-praise dance, young adult choir and the drama team as well as her original works. During the early 90s, Ms. Monique performed in the Austin Taste neighborhood festival.

Joy attended Curie Metropolitan High School where she studied drama and participated in Girls Chorus and Show Choir. For over 4 years, she had a recurring role as an ensemble cast member of the production “Jesus Broke The Chains“.   Joy continued her education at Columbia College of Chicago where she studied theater. In 2000, she briefly studied under the legendary Dr. Lena Mclin preparing her for a 2nd place win in a talent show at the Dusable Museum of African American History. Mrs. Monique continued performing appearing on CAN TV for the Charlie Allens Show and other theatrical performances. In 2001, she received her BA from Columbia.

Joy has since been published with Urban Ministries. She has also taught children’s drama and praise dance, directed theatrical performances and led praise and worship for the Salem Baptist Church of Chicago Children’s ministry. She has also done print modeling for private clients. Ultimately, Mrs. Monique’s comfort on stage has privileged her to perform at intimate venues such as Cafés and larger ones seating over 10,000 people.  She is passionate about creating lyrics and art that are edifying to God and people, enlightening them in a socially responsible format. Her writing and lyrics promote the fruit of the spirit, personal growth and salvation.

Her debut of spoken word in song “My Love” is a dedication to her husband. It can be downloaded on, and Itunes. She is also a current member of ASCAP. In March, she opened for the Brian Stanley play “The Judges Personal Dilemma” at Prairie State College. In June, she ministered at Trinity United Church of God for their married couples ministry. Joy currently resides in Lansing, Illinois with her husband and their children. Salem Baptist Church of Chicago is where she calls home.




Gifts for Jesus                                               Director                                           Salem Multipurpose

Ain’t No Broadway to Heaven                   Cynthia                                            Vittum Theater

No Greater Love                                          Salome                                           Salem Auditorium

Follow the Narrow Road                            Joy (Dorothy)                                   F.A. Auditorium

Lake Wobegon Days                                 Woman in the Park                       Classic Studio

Jesus Broke the Chains                            Recurring Vocal Ensemble         F.A. Auditorium




Customary Evenings                           Gladys                                     T.I.E. TV





Columbia College Chicago


  • Ÿ Voice Training-Paul Amandes
  • Ÿ  Body Movement-Halle Quinn
  • Ÿ  Acting and Improvisation-Brian Posen
  • Ÿ  Accents and Dialects-Susan Padveen






Accents:  British, Cockney, New York, Latin, Southern, Scottish and Irish

Talents and Interests:  Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Nominal African dance, Praise dance, Primary Sign Language, Limber, Double jointed in both arms, back bends, etc.



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