Constance Shelton

Constance_Shelton5’8″ 135lbs

Chest: 34DD

Waist: 27

Hips: 38


Dress: 5

Shoe: 10

I’m an aspiring model whose passion sparked at only 9 years of age. I remember turning my moms’ coffee table into my runway at play. Thus, my biggest hope is to become a runway model. But I’d also like to do editorial, print, commercial and catalog. Other forms of modeling are just as welcome. My body type will fit into most types of work:

Up until recently I let life get in the way of my dreams. Studying at Wright college and now Northeastern U, I just always felt that utilizing school to get to my teaching career was more important.

Now I’ve found a way to do all three: working as a teachers assistant, studying part-time, and modeling FULL FORCE.

Working with LBMG has been the exxperience of a lifetime.  I’ve accomplished so much in a short time: photo shoots with well- known photographers such as Edith and Charles of Kollective Visual Arts Group, Shawn of StarPhoto Pix, and Soloman. This led up to doing print work for Designer Katherine Walker.

I’ve even been in a runway show. Mask Fashion Masquerade was a huge success that I was lucky to be a part of. It was my first real runway show, but I rocked that runway. I’ve also participated in shows such as “Scratch The Runway”.

Because of these experiences, in the future I know I’m ready for any opportunity that comes my way!


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