Kai Morae

Kai MoraeBorn and raised Chicago, Illinois Kai Morae is no stranger to fame and fortune. However, she does not let that lifestyle consume her, an everyday girl with everyday issues balancing the pressures of school, work, and family. Currently, after studying abroad in London and Switzerland she relocated back to Los Angeles, California to be closer to home. Now, being an enrolled college student she is following in the footsteps of her mother actress, model, and business-woman LisaRaye McCoy.

Kai Morae is actively involved in advocating, through motivational speaking, for Young Girls ages 14-21 about Self-Esteem and Staying True to Yourself with Girlfriends for Teens of Color Magazine. She is beginning to grasp the sight of stardom with photo shoots, magazine spreads, interviews, and events. Reaching out to others through hosting different soirees in various cities along with motivational speaking as a young curvy model with confidence in this industry.

With the success of LisaRaye and Kai Morae’s reality show “The Real McCoy” which premiered on April 2010 at 1.6 million viewers, it’s no surprise that a second season has been requested which aired late April 2011 with over 2 million viewers. Along with that success came new adventures for Kai Morae. She was recently been signed and brought along by Nelly to be the first plus size model to represent Apple Bottoms clothing line as her campaign was released Spring/Summer 2011. From Apple Bottoms, Kai Morae continued her modeling in recent ads for British clothing line Evans that same summer. Therefore you can see that this young lady is destined for great success. Always sheltered by the moniker of “LisaRaye’s daughter” she is branching out into the world and building a name for herself in many ways. Breaking into the demanding industries of modeling, event hosting and motivational speaking. She definitely understands the importance of hard work and knows that it will eventually pay off! Nonetheless, living this lifestyle in Hollywood at the age of 21, Kai Morae knows how to have a good time.



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